Hyundai hidden menu

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hyundai hidden menu

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2020 Telluride - Secret Hidden Menus

Press OK 4. Enter 10 digit MIN 6. Press OK 3 times 7.

hyundai hidden menu

Display will return to Service Menu. Press END. Programming is complete Samsung N and N 1.

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Phone Number 3. Press OK 7. Press MENU key 2. Press END key 8. Programming is complete Samsung N 1.Mobile phones are infamous for having many hidden features.

As it turns out, yes, they can. In a very informative thread on Team-BHP, a couple of owners have talked about some nifty features that add value to your car. A few of those:.

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Imagine you park your car in a dimly lit lane and want it to be visible enough, what do you do? The parking light both at front and rear can be turned on but only for one side.

The feature was said to available on the Volkswagen and Skoda products. A user confirmed the availability of Fiat Punto as well. Using power windows but without having to turn on the ignition or even inserting the key is possible. Certain car models allow the use of features like power windows even after the key is taken out. With the ability to roll up windows is good, given how often we forget doing so when turning the car off.

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New generation Hyundai cars are said to have the feature. You can get vital information like battery voltage, temperature, etc. Do you remember how Batman could call his Batmobile long before he turned into the widely appreciated tough guy with a tough voice — played by Christian Bale by pressing a button on his belt?

And fret not, you can also make it rolls the windows up all by itself. Another Volkswagen feature, it lets you change the temperature units from F Fahrenheit to C Celsius and vice versa.

Want to see your photo feature about that exciting road trip published on Cartoq? Share your details here. A few of those: Side Parking Light Imagine you park your car in a dimly lit lane and want it to be visible enough, what do you do?

Extended power window use Using power windows but without having to turn on the ignition or even inserting the key is possible. Change of units in temperature readouts Another Volkswagen feature, it lets you change the temperature units from F Fahrenheit to C Celsius and vice versa. Mahindra Scorpio Mountaineer is an official custom option that you can actually buy.You may soon be able to hack the entertainment system to get those options for free, a Swiss researcher showed at the DEF CON 22 hacker conference here yesterday Aug.

Paul Such of Lausanne-based security firm SCRT explained that modern vehicle entertainment systems can do much more than just play music. They also routinely handle navigation, control interior lighting, door locks, heating and air conditioning, and also manage Bluetooth links to cellphones. Some cars also have the options to add cellular-based Wi-Fi hotspots and TV tuners. In some models, those extras are built into every car, Such said; customers who opt for them are actually only paying to have them switched on.

Such suspected that his own car, a Volkswagen Touareg 2, was one such model. Both commands accessed hidden menus, which confirmed that Such's Touareg did indeed have extra abilities he hadn't paid for. It also showed that a dozen different developers at the firm that wrote the software for Volkswagen still had administrative accounts on the system.

The problem was turning those hidden options on. Such had found how to update the firmware — data could be input via USB, SD card or a CD — but he didn't know enough about the software to initiate a successful firmware update of his own design. Unfortunately, he still doesn't. After much time spent learning how to write software for the entertainment system's operating system, Such attempted to push through a firmware update — and killed it. The car would still drive properly, Such explained, but the entertainment system was dead.

Such couldn't use the radio, climate control or GPS, or remotely control the locks. Most mechanics Such took the car to couldn't figure out what was going on, or refused to believe there was a hard drive onboard it's behind the glove box. Three months later, Such finally got the system restored by telling a mechanic the "black box" needed replacing. But he's not done tinkering. Now that he knows his car has the ability to operate a Wi-Fi hotspot and receive TV broadcasts, Such will keep trying to figure out how to turn those features on.

Tom's Guide. Image credit: A late-model Volkswagen Touareg. Topics Car Tech. See all comments 7. I understand how tech has improved cars but i think now it has gone too far. I would rather just install a laptop in my vehicle.

I refuse to have a computer control it to the extent the new ones do. I love my 97 Jeep LOL. This isn't "news", I've been "hacking" VAG group MMI units for years, enabling features that were disabled by default, or adding in features that needed additional hardware then coding in. I thought it was particularly common knowledge how to access the "green menu" from an MMI console, so I can only assume the same was true of RNS so why this guy took months to work out what he could have googled in minutes is just odd.

I for example didn't pay for the google maps integration with my nav, but I have it. Seems like it would have been cheaper, albeit less fun, to just pay for it.Therefore, all doors will unlock if the door is unlocked. When the door is unlocked again within 4 seconds, all doors will unlock. If this item is checked, the lane change signals will blink 3 times when the turn signal lever is moved slightly. On this mode, you can activate the service interval function with mileage mi.

Tail Gate Trim. Components and Components Location Component Location 1. Tail gate trim Flex Steer. Components and Components Location Components Location 1. Flex steer switch Pressure Sensor.

hyundai hidden menu

Repair procedures Inspection If you have trouble code related to the pressure sensor check pressure sensor according to the inspection process. Manuals New Top Sitemap Search manuals. Description On this mode, you can change setting of the doors, lamps, and so on.

Lamp Head Lamp Delay if equipped If this item is checked, the headlamp delay and headlamp welcome function will be activated. Welcome Light if equipped If this item is checked, the welcome light function of the puddle lamp will be activated. Auto Triple Turn One-touch triple turn signal if equipped If this item is checked, the lane change signals will blink 3 times when the turn signal lever is moved slightly.

Welcome Sound If this item is checked, the welcome sound function will be activated. Shift Indicator if equipped If this item is checked, the shift indicator function will be activated. Service Interval On this mode, you can activate the service interval function with mileage mi. Service Mode Service Interval Service in It calculates and displays when you need a scheduled maintenance service mileage or days. If the remaining mileage or time reaches mi.

See also: Tail Gate Trim.For more on how we rate products, see our scoring breakdown. Hyundai says it designed Blue Link to work like a smartphone and in some respects it is easy to see that. The system is built around a series of menus with app buttons familiar to anyone who has used to a tablet or smartphone, which is to say: everyone. As a result, it is fairly easy to navigate from place to place.

Once the user has navigated the system to the desired location, things fall apart a bit. The features themselves are not always logically organized.

Take for example the process of streaming music from a phone. Unless a phone is already paired, the music button is blacked out. Instead, the user must pair the device through the phone menu. Not a big problem in and of itself … but there is more. If I tried to play an audio book via Audible, whatever I had just been listening to via my iTunes library would immediately cut back in.

I found this frustrating, but assumed I could switch the system to Bluetooth streaming where the app had worked just fine. Silly me!

Radio Engineer Mode / Android

Despite spending a great deal of time and effort, when my phone was directly plugged into the USB port, I was unable to find any way to switch Blue Link from the USB connection back to Bluetooth. There might be a way that I was unable to discover, but it is indicative of how settings and features are hidden in this system. I frequently found that basic things were easy to accomplish, but that anything even slightly complicated was nightmarish.

People who use this system everyday will no doubt figure out all of its nooks and crannies, making this less relevant in the long run. But getting to that point is going to be frustrating, and it may prevent less tech-savvy users from accessing a lot of what Blue Link has to offer. User alienation would be a shame. As I said in the introduction, Blue Link is loaded with features. The obvious stuff like navigation, Bluetooth streaming, satellite radio, and voice recognition are all there.

For the user who is willing to dig deeper, however, there is much more. A fully tricked-out system features PandoraAha radio, and Sound Hound. Anyone who needs more Internet radio than that may want to consult a professional. Travel Link can show stock prices, movie times, real-time traffic, and weather updates.

But most importantly it does this through the satellite antenna rather than the users data plan. That may mean that users have to pay for satellite radio, but at least that is a flat fee. Topping all of this off are the integrations with both Google and Apple.

When it comes to hardware, Blue Link offers something of a mixed bag. Blessedly, Hyundai has picked a system and stuck with it; Blue Link is a purely touchscreen-based system. This means that there is no screwing around with multiple interfaces.

The touchscreens used by Hyundai are by no means terrible.View My Garage. Many of us doesn't know the full features or our car as its either not provided in stock vehicle or kept as hidden. HU automatically switches OFF while running 2. You can get a free replacement of HU from Hyundai if you found your version as S Last edited by wildon : 2nd April at Rheostat Ilumination Control - Add-on Rheostat Ilumination Control is to control the illumination brightness of the Dash board lightings.

Very useful in night driving. Its plug and play i. To get into the self diagnosis mode 1. Put the key into the ignition hole 2. Turn the key into ON position so the dashboard lights illuminates No starting of engine 3. Now the diagnosis starts 6.

Incase if you wants to quit anytime press OFF button Here are the other codes which will display if any of the component related to F.

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C malfunctions. Glove Box Illumination This was badly missing in i20 and there was no light provided in the Glove Box. Very interesting and informative. Why no mention is made of these features by manufacturers? That's really neat. If you come by any tips and tricks for the civic would love to know of them.

The i20 sure has a lot of features. Quite informative. Thanks Wildon. Any idea if the Rheostat illumination control is possible in Getz?

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Any tricks for the steering. Great features. However many of the team bhp owners of the i 20 have complained of issues with the steering. Do you have any tricks for the same. Even if there are no "tricks" can you suggest remedial measures. It will of great help to some of my friends who are plagued by the very same problem. Ahh finally, your thread is here! Thanks for bringing this up. One question.

Are you aware of a feature where, after you get out of the car and close all the doors, it locks automatically after 10sec or so?

hyundai hidden menu

I checked with HASS during my first service but they didnt know anything of it. Pls keep posting and keep the thread alive. Drive safe. Originally Posted by flyingkolors.Key fobs are magical things. On many car models, the electric remotes that lock and unlock the doors and trunk come standard, but a convenient feature of the key remote has long gone unused by many car owners.

Hyundai i20 - Tips & Tricks

The remotes can often lower a car's windowsallowing owners to start airing out the car before hopping inside. According to CNET, the trick usually involves pressing the remote's unlock button, releasing it, then pressing it again and holding down. In some cars, simply inserting the key in the lock, turning it counterclockwise, releasing, then turning it counterclockwise again and holding will do the trick.

The trick is usually explained in owner's manuals, but it has also been discussed onlinealthough it has yet to gain widespread attention. In order to try to confirm how many car keys could be used to roll down windows, CNET ultimately turned to social media, conducting an internal poll, and reaching out to Reddit users. Their combined list includes 19 makes and models so far. Click here to see the list. Car owners who are intimidated by the often lengthy and sometimes complicated owner's manuals can find a wealth of resources online, often through Internet automative forums such as Edmunds.

Instead, a slimmed-down user guide and DVD will come standard on Chrysler models, a move the company said will save tons of paper annually, or 20, trees. Correction: An earlier version of this story gave erroneous instructions for how to open a car's windows using a car key.

In fact, inserting the key in the lock, turning it counterclockwise, releasing, then turning it counterclockwise again and holding the key in place can open a car's windows.

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